Packed with the antioxidants of spirulina and the calcium and glucosamine of organic (cage-free) eggshells.  Handmade with natural, organic, human-grade ingredients.


  • Flavor Notes: Nutty with undertones of sweet potato and oats.

    Texture: Slow baked to a crispy finish. Ground eggshells add an extra crunch.

    Size: Bite-sized. 

    Aroma: Earthy with sweet notes of spirulina, cinnamon and lemon balm. 

"Our walks are so much better! Cleo used to hate going on walks because loud noises make her anxious ... but after a few BakedBones, she was so calm! Still little spikes in anxiety here and there, but nothing like before. These seriously helped out so much"

"Junior LOVES the taste of the bones and tincture! It's going on a month since adding BakedBones CBD to his daily routine, and it has definitely helped with sleep quality... which means more sleep for mama, too! Thanks for making amazing products that not only help fur babies, but also no-kill shelter partners"

"Grady gets hotspots from seasonal allergies and I'm so relieved BakedBones is helping keep the inflammation down. I've noticed his skin is less irritated and it is awesome to see it work. My dogs love BakedBones"

"Our prescribed sedatives weren't working too well to keep Pixie calm after her surgery, but the recommended daily dose of BakedBones does a great job keeping her comfortable and pain-free"

"Danny can be an anxious pup and experiences a luxating patella, which causes major swelling and discomfort. After talking to my vets, we've weened her off of anti-inflammatories and pain killers and started to give her CBD. I did a lot of research and found BakedBones... I'm writing to thank them! Not only has this helped Danny with her inflammation and anxiety, but she loves them!You can tell they put a lot of love and care in their product"